Supper Solar Panel Mounting Aluminum Rail

The United States attaches great importance to cooperative relations with China, US President Donald Trump said on Monday in his first meeting with a senior Chinese official since his inauguration last month.

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  • Model 40451
  • Size H 20cm X W 20 cm
  • Capacity 10 Mw

Yang, who is in the US on a two-day visit, said the phone call between Xi and Trump earlier this
month is of great significance because it charted the course for the next phase in the development of
the Sino-US relationship."In line with the spirit of the phone conversation, and following the principles
of no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, China is willing to ramp up
exchanges with the US at high and various levels, expand cooperation and coordination in
wide-ranging bilateral areas and on major regional and international issues and respect each other's
core interests and major concerns," Yang said.

Load Model Capacity Qulity Operate Time Consumption
light Effcient Lightbuld DC11W 2 7 154WH
Cellphone DC2W 4 3 24WH
Satellite Receiver AC25W 1 3 75WH
TV 21" AC50W 1 3 150WH
Fan AC30W 1 2 60WH
Laptop 21" AC85W 1 2 130WH
Sum DC94W+AC106W=200WH 593WH